A very windy morning with some huge ‘norwest gusts – molly was not happy as she doesn’t like the wind.

It rushes through the forest and sounds a bit like the roar of an earthquake, and she probably feels the vibrations as well, so she gets a bit tense. Because I don’t go into the forest in the big winds we only had a short walk this morning (on our way to get the newspaper) and spotted this flower beside the river. It is actually a very bright purple flower but I like it in b&w today 🙂

Fortunately this afternoon the wind dropped, the clouds cleared and it was very warm, so about 6pm Molly was delighted to spend an hour or more running through the forest.

However I think it was the lull between the ‘norwester and the southerly as the wind has picked up again ………. might be a disturbed night as our wee house creaks and rattles in the big gusts.