S1 is an amazing Mum.

It’s so much harder with two, yet somehow she seems to keep both boys sorted all day.

Truthfully, I don’t feel nearly as ‘involved’ with LJ as I did CJ. I used to get home after work and play with CJ when he was tiny and it was incredibly bonding.

But when I get home now there is a toddler who’s so excited to see me that he monopolises my time. LJ spends most of his time feeding, so my job is to give him and S1 some space.

I know it’ll get better… When I do get time with him, it’s amazing.

I know that soon enough I’ll be able to take him and CJ out walking and spend quality time with both boys. It’s not far away. I’d never dare wish for the ‘next stage’ or for them to grow up quicker, but I just want to be the best Dad I can for both boys.