LJ was up a lot during the night (think he’s going through a growth spurt), so I wasn’t on top form today. LJ and I dropped CJ to playgroup and instead of heading out we just headed home for an easy morning.

After lunch we all headed upstairs to clear out the nursery, so S2 can start painting it. However, with LJ still in an eating mood, I didn’t achieve a lot. And after a while we all headed back downstairs to the toy-room so CJ could play while LJ fed.

Once LJ was done, I put him down on his play gym so I could spent some time with CJ. But rather than going to sleep like he normal does, today he decided to interact with the baby gym toys – particularly the bright coloured butterflies. So CJ and I played with him for a little while – CJ loved being able to interact with him, he loves being a big brother!