Today we decided to explore Media City (where we were staying) before heading onto York. The main attraction was the Christmas ice skating ring. And given it was mid week, we were almost the only ones there – it was a perfect time for CJ to have his first go at ice skating!

He was a little unsure of the kids skates when they were put on – but as he and S2 walked out to the ice he started to relax. His first couple of laps were on the ice seal but it wasn’t long before he wanted to skate like his dad. So, he jumped off the seal and held onto S2’s hands and away they went around the ring for a couple of laps, before he wanted back on the seal again. This pattern continued until after countless laps, our session was over! He did amazingly well for his first time on the ice!

After skating it was time for lunch – in the tepee bar that was set up beside the ice ring. It was brilliant! A fire surrounded by benches and hay bales covered with animal skins… The food – traditional German Christmas fare of hotdogs, schnitzel and beer.

We then hit the road and head to York. Where at the supermarket CJ decided he wanted a tin of biscuits – and it was too cute to resist!