After having several delicious meals cooked by family and friends on a covered bbq, we decided that one would be ideal for our bach. It always seemed so simple when others were doing the cooking – no time spent at the bbq, no mess, no fuss, just an announcement that dinner’s ready and a delicious meal was presented.

Didn’t really believe it was that easy, but tonight was our first try out and sure enough it was simple and scrummy. Heat the closed bbq for 10 mins, put the lamb roast in and close the lid. 45 minutes later add the kumura and pumpkin then close the lid. Another 45 minutes later turn off the bbq. Leave meat to stand for 10-15 mins, then eat. Perfect 🙂

I think know that this will get a lot of use over the summer …… even better as gd will be the chief bbq chef 🙂