Today we headed back into York, so we could do a couple of the tourist attractions.

But before we reached our first stop we ran into Santa and some reindeer (mechanical). As you can see CJ took the job of steering the reindeer very seriously!

Then is was on to our first stop – The Chocolate Story – an amazing journey through the history of chocolate making in York – complete with plenty of samples along the way.

At the end of the tour they explain how to test for a high grade chocolate – including placing it on the back of your hand. CJ followed every instruction and didn’t eat the chocolate until he was told too – something the rest of the tour couldn’t believe!

It was then time to make our own chocolates to take home – CJ put on every topping he could and was very proud of his efforts!

We then visited the Viking centre, before walking past the market lights on the way home (we avoided the markets as they were too crowded and we could hardly push the buggy through the people). LJ was fascinated by the lights and was straining against the front pack to get a better look while CJ admired them from the safety of he buggy.