One year on from finding a great way to keep a photo diary, and this is my 365th pic in a row. A celebratory smile, and our collection of bubbly corks.

I always took loads of photos which either went on Facebook or into storage (where no one really looks unless they need something specific). There has hardly been a day in 12 months where I have not had more than one photo to choose from. Not every one has a lengthy caption, but the ones which I really want to be able to look back on do.

The vast majority of the pics have been taken on a very well used Samsung Galaxy S4. Looking back over the year still surprises me at how good the quality is for a phone. The next series will be taken on a Galaxy S5, starting tomorrow. I hope I have the same experience with it, as the old one delivered.

I've enjoyed the experience, and like that Blip allows me to look back easily through them, read comments on what they meant to us at the time, and (unlike my past FB uploads) I can get the original quality images back anytime I want them.

Bring on year 2!