Today we decided to move LJ into his own room and into the cot. So we spent the afternoon finishing his room.

So while I sorted out all his clothes and bedding etc, S2 and CJ put together the cot, got the mobile working and moved in the feeding chair. CJ decided to add his own special touches by moving some of LJ’s toys from our room.

After some cuddles (and huge smiles) on the couch after dinner, it was then time to get ready for bed.

LJ was fascinated by his new room, his cot and in especially the mobile. His little arms and legs were waving in excitement as he took everything in. All this movement and giggling, captivated CJ attention and he was very reluctant to go into his own room for his bed time stories.

We were a little worried on how he would settle in his new room and in the cot – but he drank his milk and settled in record time. I’m guessing he is loving the extra room as he didn’t have much space in the Moses basket. And he slept brilliantly all night, only waking for some milk and then he would go straight back to sleep.

I will miss having him so close, in his Moses basket beside our bed, but we are now getting to the stage were we are waking each other up during the night – so it is time for him to move into his own room. And I should be thankful as he was managed to stay in the Moses baskets for a few extra weeks compared to CJ. But I still think he is growing up a little too fast!