Today didn’t really end up being the nice relaxing Christmas Eve that I had planned. After a bad night with LJ, who came down with the same flu/cough as S2 (who has been coughing all night), I headed to the doctors at 8am to ensure I got appointments for them both.

With appointments secured, I then rushed home to get them. The outcome – chest infections for both so antibiotics where prescribed. S2 then headed to work and I headed to the chemist to get the antibiotics – and heading out to the retail park, on Christmas Eve, was something I had planned to avoid. But luckily I was early enough and it wasn’t too busy.

After dropping S2’s prescription to him, we headed home to have a quiet afternoon and get things ready for Christmas Day.

Once S2 arrived home, we Skyped Grandad and A, and the boys were allowed to open the gifts from them. After that CJ put out a glass of banana milk and a pie for Santa and a carrot for the reindeer.

Before bed, CJ had one last job. He had to hang the stockings up! He carefully put his at the end of his bed and put LJ’s on the side of the cot.

After one last reading of “Santa’s coming to Edinburgh” it was then time for both little boys to go to sleep!