And what a magical Christmas morning it was! When CJ woke up, he noticed his stocking was missing. And as S2 showed him the carrot that had been nibbled by a reindeer, he decided we should go downstairs and check the tree.

And his face when he saw the stockings and all the parcels was priceless. He was so excited.

We started with a couple of items from the stockings, before we Skyped Nan Be and GD. While on the call with them, we let CJ open the gifts from them – but as he was rather delicate with the paper unwrapping items took quite a while.

After the Skype we stopped for some breakfast, before returning the present pile!

Our original plan for the day was to have a picnic lunch at the zoo, but given all the boys were sick we decided to skip the zoo and had an indoor picnic at home. The good thing about this plan was that CJ was able to play with his toys as he unwrapped them (or help LJ play with his), although this did mean that unwrapping took most of the day.

After the boys where in bed we where able to sit and have a lovely dinner – cooked in my surprise Xmas present that S2 has been making for the last month – a sous vide machine!

It was a lovely day with just the four of us!