After the worst night we have ever had with the 2 boys (CJ spiking a really high fever all night and LJ feeding constantly) and having been stuck inside with 3 poorly boys for the last 2 days, today we decided that we had to get out of the house – even for just a couple of hours.

So we bundled everyone into their warm clothes, hats and mittens and headed off to the zoo.

Predictably all we saw where the penguins, pandas and monkeys. CJ spent ages showing his puddle money to every monkey. And then he was lucky enough to have the panda walk right past him – normally the panda’s just sleep and don’t really do much!

After the penguin parade we stopped for a quick hot coffee and snack before heading home – just in time for CJ ‘s tempature to start climbing again – he even managed to reach an all time high of 40.3 degrees.

Even after some quiet cuddles on the couch and lots of reading before bedtime (LJ was fascinated by his new books), the boys didn’t really settle that well. Something tells me we are in for a long night again…