After such a quiet (alcohol free) New Years, today was more of a ‘tidy up’ day than a normal New Years day.

I popped into the office for the morning to fix up my reporting for the new year, and then came home to pack up Christmas and tidy up a bit.

With no tree to block the view of the train, it was the perfect opportunity to put LJ in the middle and see how good his tracking of the sound and sight was as it zoomed around him. He seems to be very alert and love the freedom of his chair.

We weighed him the other day and plotted him against CJ. I keep thinking of LJ as growing up so fast and being ‘big’ now, but turns out he’s even more of a runt than his brother is. He’s tracking perfectly just below the bottom 9th %tille (whereas CJ was between 9th and 25th %tilles).

I have no idea where they get the runt gene from…