Last week's final phase temporary solution blew at 11.30 this morning, meaning our house and next door had no power. With no live cables left coming into our properties, we knew it wouldn't be a quick fix.

From a customer experience point of view, Scottish Power were fantastic. A team of engineers arrived within an hour, and a digger soon after.
I watched them with absolute precision and concentration cut the live cable, and happily explain to an interested me how they can do it. They worked tirelessly to replace cable sections and joints, but at 9pm after 8 hours working it was apparent that a full solution couldn't be done tonight. They rigged up a temporary mains source from the street to the house (through the letterbox flap), and had the power on again for 11pm.

They left at 1am, and are coming back tomorrow to dig more trenches for new cables from the street to the house.