After a rather bad night with CJ (he had a very high temp so he wouldn’t settle) we weren’t sure how the day would go. Surprisingly CJ woke up and wanted to go to rugby – with no signs of a tempature, we agreed that he could go.

Afterwards we had a quiet day at home playing with trains and his computer, until it was time to head out for S2 and CJ’s haircuts. CJ just wanted to be like his dad and sat perfectly for his hair cut.

Afterwards we decided to head down to Loch Fyne for dinner. All the way in CJ was busy repeating what he wanted for dinner – mussels ice cream. It was very cute, although we have decided we really need to teach him how to use the word “and” as the waiter was a little confused when CJ tried to order mussels with ice cream instead of mussels and ice cream.

It was a very special moment – watching CJ and S2, both in their red t-shirt, eating their mussels together – sharing the chips and bread.

The meals were great and the service excellent. And as both boys were very well behaved over dinner, so they received a balloon for the car journey home.

Once home, CJ choose what pj’s he and LJ should wear to bed, before we all settled down for a bedtime story.