While it seemed like a bad week last week; life has a habit of handing you perspective when you need it.

I was in early this morning as I’m on the bus while my car gets repaired. So, I stopped off for a bacon roll for the last little walk in. A few minutes later found myself on all fours chocking on some bacon rind. I thought I was in real trouble, no one around and no way to breathe, but somehow I pulled it free just as things became really critical.

It took a few minutes to get some breath back, but then, other some shaking from the shock, it was like it had never happened. Except I found myself thinking about life a lot through the day.

Sure there’s challenges and some hard yards to cover, but at the end of the day I have a beautiful family who I love dearly. Things really are pretty good right now. And the challenges that I face, I’ll take head on as I always have.

Needless to say, when I saw CJ I told him we could do anything he wanted tonight. He wanted to go find Jack Frost again (which warmed my heart) so we set off together with a spring in our step and smile on our faces.