With S2’s car off the road, we had to walk to CJ’s playgroup this morning. Luckily it’s not far but given the snow warnings, we all wrapped up very warm. LJ is still a little small for his snowsuit – but he just looks so cute in it!

We dropped CJ off in beautiful sunshine, but on the way back (and only a couple of minutes after this photo was taken) the skies opened and the sleet started. But by then I had the rain cover over little LJ and Wellington, so they stayed warm and dry.

The sleet didn’t last long and by the time we headed back to pick CJ up, there was sunshine again.

We then waited all afternoon for the snow to arrive so CJ could go out and play in it. Unfortunately the snow didn’t arrive until after he’d gone to bed and it wasn’t as heavy as we were expecting. Hopefully there will be some on the ground in the morning!