But it is easier for me to sleep if you stop taking my photo!!  
Oh, btw – would you please trim all this excess fur from around my eyes tomorrow.
Thanks 🙂

We had planned to go to Classical Sparks tonight with friends, but the weather was windy with rain threatening so thought it best to have our already packed picnics at home and then decide..  

They decided to go but we opted out.  The city kept disappearing into the gloom and the wind is wild at our place.  I am sure it was a good night of music and fireworks,  and hopefully the weather would be better than it looks, but we are very weary after a busy month, and have a hectic few weeks ahead.

I’m off to bed as soon as I post this ……….. although the fireworks must be about to start and we might be able to  see them from home 🙂