Last night CJ asked for a Mack Truck (from Cars). I said we didn’t have one, but if he really wanted one then he could spend some of the money in his money box on one.

This morning, the first thing he asked for was Mack Truck. Again we checked that he wanted to spend his money on it and even gave him other options… But his mind was made up.

So after rugby and brunch we headed out to buy a Mack truck. CJ completed the whole transaction, including proudly handing over the money.

Once at home, (and after handing over the lovey small coins from the money box to Mum as payment) it wasn’t long before Mack was out of the box and introduced to Lightning and the other cars.

Unfortunately, we weren’t at home long as we headed out for some arts’n’craft time this afternoon, followed by a lovely dinner at Wagamama’s.

Luckily we were home in plenty of time for CJ to play with Mack before bed time.