CJ has the same bug that S1 had last week… he’s been running a really high temperature since last night.

We lost a lot of sleep last night with a very upset wee man. Then come this morning he wasn’t very good at all.

I started on some DIY jobs and got him to help hold screwdrivers and pass them to me (to keep him amused). Half way though he stopped and just started crying. When I asked what was wrong he just said ‘hot, hot, hot’ then started crying again.

Hot was right, he was at 40 deg, so we had him stripped down and he spent most of the day cuddling one or the other of us on the couch.

It could be another long night I think.

In other news, it’s Superbowl Sunday which means the well respected tradition of chicken wings for dinner. Twice cooked, two sauces. Mmmm.