In the last two weeks, our little boys talking has made huge steps.

He was repeating what we said, or using the same few words over and over, but then suddenly he started making new sentences all by himself. Simple 3 or 4 word sentences, but a massive step forward.

“Lip balm upside-down” was pretty self explanatory (and factually correct), but totally unexpected.

Today we went and picked up my car form being repaired, so I let CJ drive in the passenger seat beside me. Half way home we had this conversation:

“Daddy look”

“I can’t look now Conrad , what is it?”


“A train?”

“No. TRAM”.

“Oh, a tram. Where was it?”

“On tracks, beside road”.

Part of me is wishing he would never grow up… but most of me is loving how rewarding and magical these moments are.

He’s so gorgeous.