We had good news today followed by some sad news. A topsy turvy day.

But in other news, I tried an experiment with CJ tonight and was speechless by the result.

I gave him a choice of one sweet tonight, or two tomorrow. I made sure he knew the options and wasn’t just reacting to my tone etc. I gave him a jar to put them in for safe keeping if he wanted them tomorrow, or the lolly jar to put them back into if he wanted the one tonight.

Without hesitation he picked up the two.

“Rats” I thought, he hasn’t understood this at all, but without a moments notice, he put the two into his jar to keep.

He then picked up the other one,

“Rats” I thought again, but instead of eating it like I assumed, he put it back away in the lolly jar!

We repeated it three times to make sure it wasn’t a misunderstanding, but he kept happily repeating “two tomorrow” as his jar filled up.

I’m so proud of him! Delayed gratification is something I thought he’d be a long way away from.

I’ll try the full marshmallow experiment whenever I next have marshmallows…