This morning, we headed to the local pool to take LJ swimming for the first time.

He loves bath time, so we hoped he wouldn’t mind the big pool. He was a little unsure to start with, but he soon got into the hang of splashing around. We went through some of the waterbabies exercises that we remembered from CJ’s lessons and the only time we had some tears was right at the end when he started to get a little hungry – there weren’t even any tears when he went under the water.

We weren’t sure how CJ would cope as it’s been a while since we had been swimming and he use to have the two of us to play with. But he loved having LJ in the water with us and he clearly hadn’t forgotten anything. He was happy to run around the special child’s sloped pool and he showed off his kicking and arm skills when asked.

Now that we have chased all the bugs away – we will definitely be making this a weekly family outing as the boys love it!