CJ knew exactly what he wanted to do when S2 arrived home tonight – he ran straight to the lego train saying “play with train Daddy”.

And after being so good today during his eye exam, we couldn’t say no. And it’s a great activity for both boys to do with Daddy.

CJ is an expert on driving the trains and will now just the switching points to send the trains on different tracks and even mastered the skill of reserving them on a switch point track to ensure they where heading the right way – usually he has a plan to make the 2 trains crash on the cross junction!

His eye exam went well – he was given a harder test this time. He named all the pictures and followed all the instructions – but the tests took a little longer than normal so he got a little bored with all the questions and tasks. We have to go back in a couple of months to do the tests again – to monitor his progress.