Today was exhausting, both boys seemed full on. Both slightly tired and slightly hard work.

But in saying that, the day was also lovely in it’s own way. Just us being us.

In the 2 1/2 years since we had CJ, we’ve only had 2 days off (and S1 has seen the kids every day without exception). So some days it’s easy to feel overwhelmed a little, like today.

But when I sit with a quiet drink at night, I look back on a day of CJ’s rugby, LJ giggling away over brunch. Two boys with lego trains, an experiment with instant film in an old camera. Pizza dough making (with added laughs at making faces in the mixing bowl) and CJ playing on his slide while I BBQ the pizza, just watching him and smiling. Bed time stories and cuddles.

All in all, a wonderful (exhausting) day with the family.