The first half of February is always a very busy time for me (though, to be fair, January is always very quiet so I can’t complain).

In the past 2 weeks I have had:

– 4 board meetings

– 1 audit meeting

– 2 full day strategic planning meetings

– up and down the country.

– I have read over 600 pages of board papers, financial accounts and pre-planning industry data.

– and …… had too many late nights!

But after the meetings we have had lots of fun sporting challenges.

In the past 16 days (including 3 weekends) I have:

– played 23 sets of tennis (we are now up to second in our

inter-club competition)

– ridden over 100kms on my road bike

– ridden more than 80 laps of the Invercargill velodrome,


– played 4 rounds of golf ( 3 bad, 1 good).

I need a holiday!

And there’s only 3 days to go until we hit the Central Otago rail trail.

Yay! Bring it on!

I have now caught up on 2 weeks of blips too, so that is good!