Today for craft time, CJ made a special card. He was so cute – taking each star/heart, rubbing it on the glue stick and then sticking it on the card. Inside is full of colour – with drawings and stamps filling both sides.

The finishing touch was some gold glitter – the sprinkling of this went very well until he got a little excited and started sprinkling a little too enthusiastically and off the card.

As soon as S2 arrived home, he rushed to great him with the card.

Today is our 8th wedding anniversary – it’s amazing how much life has changed over the last few years. We have been through our share of highs and lows – but every experience has brought us closer and made us stronger.

The biggest change for us has been moving from just to the two of us, to a little family of 4, with the addition of our two amazing little boys. A journey that is getting better each day as they grow and develop.

S2 – I love you and I’m looking forward to seeing what the future holds.