Biking to Waitangi for coffee we chatted to a young Maori woman fishing from the bridge (catching mullet) and to two others diving off the bridge – it must be from 6 metres above the water, so definitely not for me!

They had 2 totally different styles, the guy with minimal splashing on entry but the girl with a huge splash. The pictures probably explain why! They were both having a ball.

Restaurant Brands (Pizza Hut, KFC etc) also had a team building “Amazing Race” event here today.

One of the tasks was firing a ball 100m or so from a shanghai to where other team members had to catch the ball in a bucket.

And another task was to take a team photo of a human pyramid in front of the church next door to our apartment.

Most tried, and some even succeeded with a 3 tiered pyramid but this group made there’s be all lying flat on the ground.

I don’t imagine the judges would be too impressed with this “cheating”!