Hide and seek

Can you find him in the washing pile?

Had an eventful day, cleaning the house up for an estate agent to come around and give us their opinion.

CJ was desperate to help out, but he did get more than a little sidetracked with playing with trains and the washing basket…

Amazingly when it came to packing up the lego train, he wasn’t phased. He happily helped put it all in the boxes, but I suspose he knows by now that it’ll be back again soon.

The estate agent/lawyer was really positive, so that gives us some food for thought on what to do next.

He was shattered by 5.30, so it was an early bedtime starting with a 6.15 bubble bath – oh the luxurious pampered life of a 2 1/2 year old!


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  1. CJ looks very pleased with himself – but guess that’s because he’s well hidden and you can’t find him.
    Good luck for hassle free house sale 🙂

  2. kiwifraser

    Our 2 love hiding in the same ikea washing basket!!

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