S1 had a dentist appointment today, so I took the two boys for a coffee and soft play nearby.

This afternoon I found out that Blipfoto will most liely be purchased and kept running. Mentally I can already see the business model the new investors will be aiming for and it’s much lower impact on the community than most buyers would have been. I should be happy in many ways, but I can’t quite let go yet.

It looks like the staff won’t be needed, so my first thought is always for them. I hope the sale covers enough to pay them what they are owed and keep them going until they can find new jobs.

For me, it just confirms our plans are the right ones. I’ve learnt a lot and have no regrets, but after keeping it quiet for two weeks I’m ready to move on. I’m glad the service will keep going and the content will stay up, but I don’t have the emotional space to be properly happy about it yet.