Sun Moon

I believe you are never too young for science. In saying that I thought this might be a little old for CJ. I was wrong.

It was 9.30 on a Friday morning. And a rare solar eclipse passed overhead.

He was fascinated by the little picture in the box. When we asked him what it was he kept saying ‘Moon!’. Even once S1 had explained it was the sun with the moon in front he still kept calling it Moon. Very cute.

There are certainly some big benefits to this jobless thing. The time with my two boys is amazing.

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  1. How exciting – a rare eclipse, at a civilised time of day, a clear sky, and you could be home to share it with CJ.

    He might not know exactly what is happening but he will remember watching the moon in the box and may realise the significance in years to come 🙂

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