It was an exhausting day. Photos of the house this morning and the house surveyor this afternoon.

We have been on the go for so long now, once they had gone I didn’t know what to do with myself, so I proceeded to sort out the stuff in the shed.

S1 had popped out to get some things and just came home and shook her head muttering something about me being impossible. Exhausted and broken, but still looking for more jobs.

So after a quiet BBQ dinner (mmm, terakihi chicken), I thought it would be great to take CJ for a walk to the post box and shop.

Needless to say, we’ll all sleep well tonight. Exhausted but productive.


EDIT: Didn’t sleep well. Spent half the night awake coding for my website. Head on the pillow just before 2 to then have Pixel bring in a ‘super mouse’ at 2.30. It escaped out room while S1 was attending to CJ (who was in tears after getting stuck in his sheets) and made it into LJ’s room… waking him up. So the whole house was awake.