Today we had yet another team, from another construction company, climbing all over our house to do a Scope of Works. This time it is Whytes – chosen by the Insurance company when they decided to change from Farrells Construction, who have already completed a Scope and were supposed to start in May.  We don’t know why the change but we are happy with Whytes.
However this time some new complications have arisen – apparently all the exterior cladding has to be replaced with a new system which will make the walls at least 20mm thicker, so the windows won’t fit, the spoutings won’t fit and the flashings will all need to be replaced.  All sounds very expensive, very time consuming, and a much more destructive process for the repair.
Before this scope can be completed our insurers have to get approval from their insurers for this extra work, and extra expense. We have no idea how long that will take ………… but I think we could learn more by looking into a crystal ball !!