Pixel Moments

Today had a lot on the go, dentist for S1, house viewing and meeting a friend for a pint in town… but that was all secondary to spending time with Pixel.

The last few days I’ve felt wretched about giving her away, but today I managed to put that to one side and just enjoy her amazing personality while I can.

She played, hunted, purred and poked all morning.

CJ was his usual self, just adoring of her and wanting to play with her non-stop. She was her tolerant self with an energetic two year old, although I think she was thankful when he snuck into the pantry for treats for them both rather than chasing her about for more games.

I’m happier tonight than I was last night. The hour we spent with her at her new home has made me realise how much love and attention she will get there and how quickly she will adjust. This will be much harder on us than it will be on her.

I’ll miss her tonight though. It’ll be the first night in ages she hasn’t been curled up cuddled in beside me in bed. I’ll never forget that (same as I’ll never forget leaving the window open on freezing nights for Snoopy to sleep on my bed as a teenager).

I’ll remember her for lots of things, but mostly for always just being there. She was never far away, no matter what was going on she would just be a few steps behind us. CJ may have chased her about, but when he wasn’t doing that she would follow him around instead.

I came home and proceeded to look around the house for her as I needed to go into the attic (her favourite place). It’s moments like that that will be hard for me. It must be harder for S1 as Pixel has been her constant shadow everyday since she left work for CJ 3 years ago.

I’ll go to bed tonight feeling happier that she has a good home, but with mixed emotions. This is one of those testing decisions in life about what is best for her vs. what I really want selfishly. Deep down I know this is the best result for everyone, but that doesn’t make it easier on us.

Good luck Pixel. Given the hole you have left in our hearts, If you have even half that impact on G, C & E then I know you’ll bring them an awful lot of joy.

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  1. Definitely a sad day, but the right decision for your amazing pixel.
    Of course you will miss her hugely, and she will have a very special place in your hearts forever, but your heart should be lighter knowing she is being loved in a good home instead of on a long flight and then in quarantine.

    And a delightful photo full of fond memories 🙂

  2. I really feel for you all.

    Pets can be so damned frustrating sometimes, with their behaviour and habits, but they win our hearts every time.

    Pixel is an amazing cat, very loyal and adventurous, with a wonderful personality.

    You will miss her heaps.

    But she sounds like she has a great new home so she will do well

  3. P. S. It is photos like this one that you will always treasure.
    This is a beauty.

    Your Pixel was like our old Pikelet in many ways.

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