We have made the decision to move again, so we know that it will soon be farewell to our new city.

Already I know the days will be getting tight, so we packed up today and headed into town to wander the streets, explore and just generally enjoy the best of Edinburgh.

I picked up a kilt (which I’ve been meaning to do since we arrived) and CJ enjoyed a train ride.

The boys don’t really understand what’s going on yet, but life is just one big adventure for them anyway so I know they will take it in their stride.

As for S1 and I, well we’ll sure miss this place. It’s an amazing city and walking the streets today it was clear neither of us have really come to terms with what this all means for us yet.

I suspect it won’t until we land on the other side.

Thanks Edinburgh, it’s been amazing. We’ll always miss you and I’ll be proud to say my youngest son is a Scot.