The packing is getting to a frantic state now, trying to make sure everything that needs cleaned is clean, that everything that needs thrown is thrown and that everything is out of the attic.

On top of this we need to make sure that we have everything we will need to survive for the first 3 months in NZ.

We are air shipping 2 boxes and have 3 1/2 suitcases of room. If we do this well we can have almost 200kg of weight allowance between the airline luggage space and air shipped boxes… but while that sounds like a lot it’s more challenging than it sounds.

It’s winter, so we need warm clothes. We need enough toys for the kids to feel settled at the other end. Irreplaceable valuables (photo backup, jewellery etc) need to be packed. Any household stuff to be declared through customs will be easier if it’s in the suitcases. The list goes on and 200kg disappears incredibly fast.

So after a long day of frantic sorting and packing, we headed out to use one of the last Hard Rock vouchers we have. Another ‘free meal’ sorted to keep our budgeting as low as possible while still enjoying the last days in this place while we can.

I’m just so thankful the boys are still smiling. S1 and I have already hit breaking point but we simply can’t stop yet.

I don’t think the boys will ever quite realise what an amazing part they have to play in making this move happen, right now those giggly faces really are keeping us going.