We popped into the city for a hunt around today and a bit of an explore.

It was eye opening to see how well some parts of the city are doing on the rebuild and how bad other parts are.

My heart sank a bit when we found the old square hasn’t yet been touched. It’s an area caught in limbo with so many of the buildings just left, derelict, untouched, while people in suits somewhere argue out the details.

The real shame is that area has moved so slowly that the city has moved on, what was once it’s heart has been left behind because of a lack of decisions and actions. A real lost opportunity.

CJ was beside himself when he saw the tram. We promised him a ride after lunch…

…but before lunch he managed to run full speed straight into the side of a table. A very bruised nose and a lot of tears later we had calmed him down enough to ask him to tell us how sore it was and if he needed a doctor…
“No doctor, , TRAM, ” came the reply.

He loved riding on it around the city. In many ways I feel a bit sad that we have left the busy train networks of the UK (and the quaint steam trains) behind as our little boy loved them so much. This was a little substitute which seemed to hit the spot which was lovely to see. I think we might get a seasons pass for him to enjoy while he settles into town.