CJ had extra cuddles and stories tonight.

I had to explain to him that tomorrow Daddy has to go back to work tomorrow.

He seemed to accept it happily. He just replied with “Daddy work, mummy and me and baby LJ and Nan and G play”.

I’m really excited about heading off to a new job tomorrow after 4 months off, but I also know I’m going to miss the time with my two boys so much.

They have both grown and developed so much in the 4 months I’ve had with them. LJ has gone from being a real baby to being a little boy on the go. CJ has grown up through his terrible twos and onto being a real little boy with his own opinions of the world.

I know in the years to come I’ll look back on the last few months as one of the toughest times we have been through, but also as one of the luckiest times of my life. 4 months with my family as we start on the next adventure has flown by, it’s been hard work at times, but it’s been amazing.