We had a very busy day.

Dropping Granddad to the airport, off to rugby, home to get changed into our party shirts and off to a 1 year olds birthday party. Then out to Great Grandma Baa’s to steal some firewood and then off home unload, dinner and bed.

CJ was exhausted but just kept running. He got so tired at a few points of the day that his decision making was impaired, making it easy to think of him as our little boy…

… but then I look at this photo and I’m reminded how grown up he suddenly is.

His hands and feet seem huge these days. His blonde hair, sparkly magnified blue eyes and constant smile are irresistible.

He’s a competitive wee kid. If something can be a competition or a race then he’s suddenly interested and will put his mind to it. He loves the out doors and open spaces.┬áHe loves people and adventure.

They grow up so fast don’t they.

Yashica Mat EM, FP4 125 developed in D76 (1+1, 11min @ 20deg)