Tonight we headed over to Nan Be and GD’s old house to hear what happened at the auction and to help them get the last few items ready for the movers. Great news – the house has sold – meaning the end of a chapter and allowing a fresh start for the next chapter.

As it was also Guy Fawkes night, we planned to watch all the fireworks from the balcony.

Although we had tried to put LJ down, he was determined not to miss out and refused to sleep. So he and CJ sat happily on my lap as we watched the sky light up with both private and public displays. Both boys were fascinated, CJ was busy pointing out the different colours. He was also very concerned about LJ Md kept checking that his glow stick torch was working – so he wouldn’t get scared.

The boys behaved amazingly well despite the very late night – it was well past 10 by the time we got them home and into bed.