A special day spent with my mum’s brother ( the only one of five still alive) and his wife.  They were penfriends, but 62 years ago she left Scotland to travel to NZ to meet him.  That was a huge leap of faith to leave family, travel for weeks on a ship across the world to an unknown destinaton.

She was welcomed into his family, they married and she became a very valuable part of his family………. the only one now that knows all the dates of birthday, deaths and marriages and is a mine of information. That needs to be recorded for the generations to come – so maybe following up on the family tree should be one of my retirement challenges

Spent the evening with some of their children and their spouses to round off a great family day in Dunedin.  

We spent a lot of time together as kids, then barely saw each other for years, but when we meet again it is as though we were never apart.  Those family ties are amazing.