Today we had to take CJ’s glasses in to be repaired – the nose pads keep falling off, so it was time for some new ones.

And since we were halfway there, we decided to continue to the gondola for a ride. Especially as CJ was keen to show them to Nan Be. We arrived just as C&E&J&J&E pulled up. So we had a trip through the time tunnel and done morning tea with them, before heading back down the hill.

On the way home we stopped at Toyworld so CJ could spend some of his pocket money on another mini. Of course he wanted other things also, but after a little debate we agreed to save up for those.

While getting into the car, Puddle decided to have a little wander from the car and therefore missed the ride home, luckily some lovely person helped him back into Toyworld, so we could go back and get him! Thank you – Poor CJ was very upset that Puddle had missed the ride home!