Little LJ woke up with a rash this morning. We think it’s just one of those viruses toddlers get as he isn’t showing any other sign of being sick. But, just to be on the safe side, he stayed home with S2 and CJ instead of coming to the toy and book exchange coffee morning.

But if was the afternoon that provided the most excitement – we had our first real big earthquake since being back. As it was centered on the other side of town we had no damage (nothing even fell over) but CJ felt it and was curious to why the earth “rumbled and grumbled”. Luckily he didn’t seem too concerned by it, but we read him an earthquake story and ran earthquake drills, practicing hiding under stuff and protecting his head.

And LJ didn’t even realize anything had happened and continued to be his mischievous self – especially when he decided to sneak in and steal his brothers popcorn snack while his attention was on something else.