Another hot day here today.

Not quite 30, but after 8 years in the UK and two winters in a row, any day out in the sun here which is over 25 feels more like Lucifer is controlling the thermostat.

So today we took the boys to the beach. They were over the moon.

Lunch on the beach from the local food stalls, then we broke out the spades and buckets.

CJ made a new friend and they were busy building sandcastles.

Meanwhile LJ was beside himself for the sea. That boys love for water is absolutely hilarious.

At one point LJ lay down in the shallow water. I thought he was in trouble when the next wave came in, but I should have known better… he was cackling with laughter well before the wave hit him in the face. He played in the water until he was physically shaking with cold and we had to take him home (despite his protests)