This morning when CJ woke up, he discovered that the easter bunny had visited during the night. He wasted no time in sampling his egg.

We then headed to Nan & GD’s for an Easter egg hunt. CJ was fascinated, he followed GD’s egg map and found all the eggs. But once the hunt was finished, he wanted another. So new hiding placed were found and marked on the map – and the hunt continued.

This pattern went on all day.

LJ wasn’t quite sure about what was going on. But he didn’t waste anytime in sampling the different little eggs.

Then, as darkness approached, we headed down to the miniature railway for a night ride! It was great fun zooming through the forest at dusk, watching all the trains with their lights on. The boys had a great time, but as it was super busy we only had a couple of rides before the queues where a bit to long – although that was also more than enough for the boys as the day of egg hunting caught up with them.