I have no idea where the last 4 years have gone.

One moment I’m holding a helpless little baby in my arms. The next blink of an eye I’m struggling to keep up, jogging beside him as he learns to ride a bike.

He’s not really had a proper birthday since his first one. His 2nd we were moving house and his 3rd we were moving country. So we were determined to make this one a special one for him – he deserves it. He’s such a good kid and he’s been so excited about his birthday for weeks.

So it was up this morning for a few presents then out to visit the Antarctic centre for an action packed morning. Then home for a present from LJ (the shed’s he wanted for his train track).

After playing with those for a while , we decided to show him his really special present.

For weeks CJ has been helping around the house, collection coins to save up for a new bike. Despite this it never occurred to him to ask for it for his birthday.

So when a bright green bike as he had wanted appeared, the excitement on his face was simply priceless.

Straight away we set off to ride it to Nan and G’s. It took him a while to get the hang of steering and peddling, but after 5 min he had the basics sorted and was away.

The training wheels helped get him going, but I can see it won’t be long before they just start getting in the way.

Such a special day.