Today was CJ’s party. For days he’s been getting excited about his “Thomas Cake” so when we did the big reveal he was pretty excited.

He wanted Thomas, but instantly he recognised that his cake was a whole Misty Island, with Bash, Dash and Ferdinand, and even real mist. I was pretty chuffed with it as well.

Add to that two different parties (friends in the morning and whanau in the afternoon), a bouncy castle and a lot of screaming kids and he was one very exhausted boy.

Yet somehow he still found enough energy to makes ice cream with us with the left over dry ice, and then giggle away as we turned the rest into dish-washing liquid volcanoes on the patio.

S1 and I really wanted to make this weekend truly special for him; he’s such a good kid and we’ve asked a lot of him over the last 4 years. Hearing the words “This is the best birthday ever” was worth all the effort 10x over.