Little LJ did a very bad thing tonight. We think he was chasing Toffee when he reached through the fire guard far enough to touch the glass fire.

He’s blistered the tips of three fingers, but the doctors said he’ll be absolutely fine. They’ll heal OK.

Meanwhile we feel miserable. We really thought we had the house ‘LJ Proof’ but it feels like we’ve let him down. Although I know it won’t be the last time he gets in trouble with something we thought we had ‘safe’.

3 hours at A&E, the first ‘accident’ trip for the boys but it certainly won’t be the last. Thankfully he was pretty good. He sat happily with his fingers under the cold tap for about 90 minutes, happily playing with the water as it was more comfortable than letting the air get to his fingers (and besides, he LOVES water).

Poor wee monkey