Another striking building in St Petersburg, and again it has beautiful light because of the huge windows.  The art collection is very extensive and amazing.  Took many photos of course, but I was intrigued by the number of art students who were copying the paintings as part of their art courses.  What a fabulous workplace for them 🙂

Our guide told us that St Petersburg averages only has 60 sunny days, and we were very lucky to be in the city for two of them,   The locals were enjoying the fine weather and out sunbathing along the river and in the parks.  

One of my extra photos is the Cathedral of Spilled Blood with a bride and groom – wedding season in Europe so throughout our trip we saw many bridal couples getting photos taken by popular landmarks.

Sailing out of port was fascinating – this is the only Baltic Port that Russia has, so is a very busy shipping lane, and is protected by a huge dam 25km long, and 8m above sea level.  This is for flood protection and has two openings for shipping access, with tunnels underneath for traffic, but the huge gates can be closed when there are storm surges.  The project, which started in 1980, was competed in 2011 and can protect St Petersburg from 5m of flood waters