Good to be back in Scandanavia with clear blue skies and sparkling seas – the Baltic Sea was definitely not sparkling, in fact it was very ‘grey’.

This morning we visited 3 museums honouring Norwegian explorers – Thor Heyerdal’s Kontiki Explorations, The Fram Polar Expeditions lead by Roald Amundsen, and a Viking museum with several restored 9th Century Viking ships and artifacts which have been recovered from burial mounds.  All fascinating and we could have spent longer viewing the exhibits and reading all the information.  

As we were docked in the centre of Oslo we were then able to wander around the city for a few hours.  The Opera House, which was completed in 2007, is the most amazing modern building I have seen.  It is built to resemble an iceberg and the huge sloping roof enables people to walk all over the structure.  Of course we walked up it – a much easier walk than it looked to be and the views over the city were incredible.  The interior of the building is also fantastic with beautiful wood and light.

I do like the ‘Scandanavian style’ – clean, clear and bright.  They appear to be a very creative and progressive race with stunning architecture and art.