We woke up this morning and everyone was feeling much better – so we decided to head away on holiday as planned. We had intended to leave first thing, however given we thought we would need to postpone for a few days and no planning had been done, we didn’t leave till late.

We arrived in Tekapo at dinner time and found a lovely local restaurant that had plenty of tips to keep the kids amused, especially as they were thoroughly bored of the car.

CJ was particularly taken with the gaint blocks, and kept building different towers, until he finally figured out how to build one that was taller then he was! It took a lot of skill not to knock it over, and every time it fell, he would just build it up again.

After dinner we continued on our way to Wanaka, we had hoped the boys would sleep… They only managed an hour. It was a very long trip, with the kids doing as well as expected with day time travel… We definitely remember why we prefer driving over night if possible.